Tier-One parts supplier for a major automotive manufacturer in Sunbury OH Material Handling: Enclosed Track Conveyors

A Tier one automotive parts supplier required to have their enclosed track paint line extended by 270ft and moved in order to make room for a new clean room. Ulterior Products won the job. A structural engineering firm was hired to evaluate the structural integrity of the ceiling prior to project start. The firm’s suggested reinforcements and cost were prohibitive to the project. Ulterior Products suggested an alternative method never before utilized, saving significant cost and work for structural reinforcement.

  • 270-foot extension of enclosed track paint line
  • Demo of portion of existing conveyor and tie-in of extended line
  • Cost and labor for structural reinforcement significantly reduced with our design
  • Designed, developed, and manufactured complete 30 foot conveyor sections
  • Installed common conveyor sections during non-production times on weekends
  • Take up, load/unload stations and tie-in to existing conveyor performed during winter holiday shutdown
  • Tie-in and Start-Up completed ahead of schedule in spite of shutdown being shortened by 3 days

Client: Tier one supplier for a major automotive manufacturer in Reynoldsburg OH
Material Handling: Conveyors

A Tier one automotive supplier requested a quote to have additional levels put onto an existing skid accumulation line conveyor. Due to product line changes and increased weight of the skid only half of the accumulation zone could be used as the drive motors were no longer sufficient in HP. Ulterior Products performed calculations and the selection of the motors required to pull the heavier skids, while also determining that existing chain and structure was sufficient for the additional levels and heavier skids. While the full additional levels plan was not implemented, the customer did choose to utilize Ulterior Products, in conjunction with Phantom Technologies, for the motor upgrades that were suggested.

  • Measured and calculated the existing conveyor features to determine the future needs for the project
  • Designed new motor mounts, selected motors and other materials
  • Confirmed existing chain and structure was sufficient for additional levels and heavier skids
  • Quoted additional levels plan
  • Installed upgraded motors on the weekend, in conjunction with Phantom Technologies

Client: Tier one supplier for a major automotive manufacturer in Reynoldsburg OH
Material Handling: Roller Conveyors

A Tier one automotive supplier requested a quote to duplicate one of their existing roller conveyors. This conveyor had a pop up belt transfer built in to offload their assembly pallets from the roller conveyor to a scissor lift. The purpose of duplication was to be able to utilize existing spare parts on the new conveyor.

During discussion, the maintenance department brought up two additional issues or concerns regarding the existing pop-up and scissor lift. The first concern with the current design was the pop-up would teeter and not raise level. The second was regarding the scissor lift as it needed to have a roller conveyor with pop-up as well to receive the offloaded parts. The issue was that the existing conveyor with pop up design took up too much height to accommodate the available travel of the scissor lift.

Both issues were resolved with our exclusive design, fabrication and installation of a low-profile, pop-up conveyor.

  • Designed an exclusive low-profile pop up conveyor, linking the four corners mechanically so as to ensure level raising
  • Achieved same functionality in 8.75” of height versus previous 18” of height accommodating the travel of the scissor lift while functioning with the existing support conveyors
  • Streamlined functionality by using a SINGLE air cylinder as opposed to the previously-used four (4) cylinders
  • Reduced the overall MTTF (Mean Time to Failure) significantly by employing a single cylinder
  • Satisfied the original request of like parts so existing spare parts could be utilized

Client: Turkey and Chicken Processing Facility in Northwest OH
Material Handling: Sanitary Conveyors

Ulterior Products was suggested by a plastic’s chain supplier as a company that could deliver multiple conveyors quickly as the original conveyor supplier fell through one month prior to startup. The conveyors utilized stainless steels, plastics and other food grade materials and needed to meet or exceed various Meat and Poultry standards. The success of exceeding these standards and our overall concept on the first three conveyors lead to two additional conveyor projects, and hopefully a long term relationship providing conveyors to this market.

Both issues were resolved with our exclusive design, fabrication and installation of a low-profile, pop-up conveyor.

  • Designed, TIG welded, and assembled three (3) sanitary conveyors
  • Used multiple components, including stainless steels, plastics, and other food grade materials
  • Met or exceeded Meat and Poultry Standard NSF/ANSI/3-A 114159-3-2010FDU
  • Successfully completed all conveyors in 4 weeks
  • Lead to two (2) additional conveyors to be completed with a similar lead time
  • Provided a chance for Ulterior Products to work in a new market with a new product for them

A major automotive manufacturer in Central Ohio MISC. SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: Deck Covers, Wheel Guides

Ulterior Products has completed multiple small-to-medium jobs for this company, all of which have been completed on schedule and have been well received by the customer. Two (2) of the larger projects are outlined below.

Deck covers for the NCI inspection pits

The customer requested a pit to be covered to prevent a fall hazard during shutdown operations. Included in the request was that the cover could be installed from below the production floor inside the pit. The customer’s usage of a simple net proved ineffective as it did not create a solid work surface for associates to work from and walk over. The main caveat, other than personnel support, was that each part needed to be near 30lbs so it could be handled and installed overhead by an associate. Ulterior Products designed a modular aluminum structure that could be erected overhead from below. Currently all of the NCI and Visual inspection pits have these covers installed.

  • Designed and built a modular aluminum structure to be installed overhead (from below production floor)
  • Designed and built structure able to hold 125 lbs. /sf yet components are lightweight (~30 lbs.)
  • Designed and installed these pit covers on all NCI pits and visual inspection pits.

Wheel Guides

The customer requested Ulterior Products to collaboratively refine a new wheel guide design that they recently installed. The refinement addressed two (2) concerns. One concern being that the back side of the current wheel guide created a trip hazard, and the other being that it prevented a car from being removed from the line once guided. The refinement addressed these concerns and used non-slip grating to span the left and right wheel guides. The grating needed to be robust enough to support the weight of a car. Additionally, it was requested that the floor grating be light enough to be lifted by one person, which again lead us to rely on our extensive aluminum knowledge and experience.

  • Collaboratively worked with the customer to refine their new style of wheel guides
  • Calculated loads and incorporated non-slip floor grating between the guides
  • Used our knowledge of and experience with aluminum to provide lightweight structure
  • Addressed safety and functionality concerns with our design

Client: Commercial Construction Company in Columbus OH
OTHER PRODUCTS: Steel Canopies

Ulterior Products worked with a local commercial remodeler while installing a popular brewery in the Grandview area. This developer was not pleased with the results of his current fabricator and switched to Ulterior for their steel work. Some small and some medium jobs Ulterior always jumped in to help this company out.

One of the larger projects was detailing, fabricating and erecting multiple steel canopies on a building they were renovating.

  • Worked with the civil engineers from start to finish
  • Processed a running change switching from welded joist to C-joist which the client requested to speed up lead times
  • Created detailed drawings, fabricated and erected the steel.
  • The exterior awnings were completed ahead of schedule even before the interior was complete.


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